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Andrew Green asked:

There is not much in the world that is more exciting than adventure travel. When you are taking part in adventure travel you are taking risk, you are getting out there and finally living life to the fullest. When was the last time that you actually did that? Probably a long time ago right? Well there is no time like the present to change things for the better and to experience all that life has to offer.

There are all kinds of great vacations that you can take when it comes to adventure travel and not all of them are filled with death defying stunts and danger. Sure, some of them are but if that is not your think then you don’t have to choose them. Everyone has a different comfort level and adventure travel just means taking a trip that is exciting, one that is a little out of your normal travel behavior. You don’t have to go and climb Mount Everest or anything like that to have a good time with adventure travel.

Some of the best adventure travel has barely any danger to it whatsoever. Have you ever climbed through the runs of Greece, or hiked in the Amazon, or even gone surfing in Costa Rica? If not these are great ways to get your feet wet with adventure travel. With this kind of adventure travel you will be able to have a great time and not do anything too, too dangerous. Just things that excite you and thrill you to the bone.

Can you imagine taking a trip to some exotic locale and then experiencing some of their ways of life. Have you ever heard of Zorbing? It is something that they do in New Zealand, and it is so much fun. All you do is climb into a giant ball, it is like a great big beach ball, just climb in it and they roll you down the hill. There is usually some water in it to cushion any bumps that you might hit along the way down. The water is not dangerous to you and your breathing because it is kept totally separate from you in a different compartment of the ball. This is one of the most fun things that you could ever do when you are gong to adventure travel and it is not even a little bit dangerous.

You see adventure travel is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter what they danger tolerance happens to be. If you are sick and tired of the same old same old then you need to find out some more about adventure travel today. Start planning your next trip abroad now, with a little more adventure in mind. It is always fun to try something new and exciting so go for it and have a blast!

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Top Extreme Sports Info Mon, 19 Oct 2009 04:51:08 +0000 admin
XTRA INFO asked:

Welcome To TopExtremeSports info

Our website provide a few information and advice on the activities of Extreme Sports…

We hope you enjoy our range of informative extreme sports articles, topics and latest news. Whether you are doing specific research on this subject, or looking for content for your ezine or websites, you have come to the right place.

On every page of this site you will also find a variety of our recommended sports related products. Every item is offered at highly discounted prices and is provided from two of the most trusted and longest established names on the net

1. Defining the Rock Climbing Craze

Rock climbing has become a nation and even worldwide craze. People are coming to the sport in droves because it offers exercise and excitement at the same time. Do you see the appeal? If not, perhaps you should take a look at exactly rock climbing actually involves. You never know, you may be lining up to be a part of the crowd in no time flat.

Those who have attempted rock climbing before will tell you that it is many things, but easy is not one of those things. Most people, on their first attempt, come away feeling defeated by the sport. What beginners soon realize, whether they try indoor climbing or outdoor climbing, is that this sport requires an incredible amount of physical and…..

2. Kids Fascination with the Extreme Sport Phenomenon

Nobody can deny that the newest crazes with kids are the extreme sports. The phenomenon has reached all the way down to kids as young as early elementary school. Is it a problem, or is it a blessing? Much of it depends on whom you ask, but a deeper look will shed a little bit of light on the entire matter.

The TV in your living room is starting to collect dust and burn less electricity while the video game system sits in the corner doing the same. It is exactly what you may have wanted all along, but it does mean that your child is likely deep into the fun that is extreme sports. Don’t let the name fool you, extreme sports can be used to describe a number of activities, but for your child, it is likely BMX biking, skateboarding, or …

3. Snowmobile Racing aka Snowcrossing

What is it that draws so many people to snowmobile racing? Is it the snow, the snowmobiles themselves, or perhaps the crisp fresh air of winter? Suffice to say the draw is all of the above mentioned. Snowmobile racing is a cross between watching the Daytona 500, speed skating, and roller derby. Throw in a few hairpin turns and paint the snowmobiles bright neon colors, and you have yourself a snowmobile race. Where are some of these snowmobile or snowcross races held?

Eagle River, Wisconsin has had a snowmobile derby for the past 41 years and this race and location is rich in history. In 1944 the first snowmobile (well at least one that closely resembles the models of today) was built. It basically consisted of a toboggan on skis that could be driven over the snow. During the 1960s is when the thought of using snowmobiles in the form of a sport caught the attention of many. The idea came as a way to boost the winter economy and boost, it did. The snowmobile derby in Eagle River today can draw crowds upwards of 50,000 …

BY:XTRA INFO More Articles

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Holiday Insurance for Outdoor Adventure Travel: Dare to Risk! Mon, 12 Oct 2009 08:09:17 +0000 admin
James William asked:

It becomes quite boring going to the same old places where you shop till you drop; see cars end to end and high-rise buildings in the name of a holiday. Adventure travel is nowadays being taken up many people as they want to experience life on the risky side. But dare not think of that without holiday insurance for outdoor adventure travel.

When it comes to adventure, many different things can come to your mind as per your risk-taking capacity like parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, trekking, white water rafting, etc. but as we enumerate these activities, we also realise that they actually involve a lot of risk and we can even end up in a hospital in a foreign land if a mishap happens. So it is better that the traveller buys himself holiday insurance for his outdoor adventure travel.

All risks involved in adventure travel are covered with this insurance plan. Any medical urgencies arising in these adventures are also covered. Hospital charges are all reimbursed to the traveller which he spends in such a situation. Also, any loss of baggage or documents is also under the coverage of this holiday insurance plan.

Since high risk is involved in these adventure trails, the premium for these insurance plans is also higher. But with the help of in-depth research for a good policy, the travellers can get low premium plans. These can be obtained by comparison and do not cause a burden for the traveller as well. Extra premium helps in getting extra privileges like more sports at no extra costs etc.

For outdoor adventure travel, it is best to avail holiday insurance to safeguard yourself and your finances. This will help the travellers taking the risk have a mental satisfaction about their expenses.

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Travel Insurance and Extreme Sports Mon, 05 Oct 2009 10:40:07 +0000 admin
David Collins asked:

Extreme sports holidays have become popular with those who are looking to experience an adrenaline rush during their holidays. And with a wide variety of different sports to cater for all tastes – from rock climbing and white water rafting to hang gliding and mountain biking – as well as a wide range of terrains on which to explore, there’s something for everyone.

However, such exhilaration could turn out to be expensive unless you are prepared for any emergencies. Because of this, it is important to arrange some insurance before you travel, if not to put your mind at ease before you take the plunge or to the skies.

Indeed, travel insurance can be a very useful element to pack as part of your trip, whether you’re heading abroad to participate in extreme sports or are embarking on a backpacking excursion. Some of the most common factors that are covered by policies are:

Flight cancellations Delayed departure or baggage Medical expenses – these can vary depending on your country of visit Repatriation as a result of an injury Theft or damage to personal possessions – including any travel documentation Legal assistance Rental car excess and personal liability

This can help to cover you in case of emergencies, but cover can differ depending on the circumstances, so it’s important to check all details of your policy before you travel. There are several factors which will affect the cost of your policy, so it’s best to make your insurer aware of these from the start, including:

Participation in high-risk activities or sports Pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or asthma Travel to countries that are considered ‘high-risk’

There are many different travel insurance policies available, each offering varying levels of cover against a range of circumstances, and can be tailored to your travel plans. Backpackers and overseas workers often take out annual travel insurance for the duration of their excursions as it usually works out cheaper than purchasing separate policies for each leg of your trip.

Having an insurance policy in place before you travel can come in handy should you run into difficulties during your trip, and combined with other plans – such as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – can help to put your mind at ease and allow you the chance to enjoy your holidays just that little bit more.

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Skydiving – How to Learn the Sport of Skydiving Wed, 23 Sep 2009 01:30:37 +0000 admin
Philip Schilling asked:

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience. Few things can generate more adrenaline and bring greater thrills than jumping out of a plane. Falling at high speeds through the air before opening a parachute is as extreme as it gets, so you really have to know what you are doing to avoid injury or death. People who are interested in skydiving have three options in terms of training. Each method has various advantages and disadvantages. Some methods may be more expensive, while others are more difficult and more intensive. Most programs costs anywhere from seventy dollars to three hundred or more, so it is worth it to look around for a good deal. In any case, they are designed to get you ready to dive into one of the most extreme sports on the planet. Take a moment to read about each and decide which is right for you.

The most popular skydiving training method is probably the tandem jump. This is perfect for first timers who want to experience the thrill of skydiving without all the stress and danger of more intensive training methods. You jump with an instructor who is certified to train you. He or she will have extra parachutes and equipment to help you both safely land after your freefall. Most droopiness will let you take a one time jump if you like. This only takes an hour or so, and it is that fastest way to skydive for beginners who just want to try it out. You can also take a tandem progression course that will let you spend more time learning and jumping over the course of a few hours.

Static line training is another method for learning skydiving. Students are trained for a few hours on the ground and then go up in the plane. Upon jumping out, the diver will fall away from the plane while the canopy is deployed by a static line attached to the aircraft. The student practices pulling a dummy ripcord each time. After a few jumps, they will be ready to do a real freefall on your own. As you get more experience, you can go to higher altitudes and freefall for longer periods of time.

Finally, there is the accelerated free fall skydiving method. You get extensive ground training before taking a high altitude jump with a fifty second freefall on your very first jump. Instructors will jump along with the students but separately. They are just there to assist with a stable fall while monitoring the altitude until it is time to pull the ripcord for the parachute. This is definitely a more intense way to learn to skydive.

About Pivian Extreme – The Extreme Sport & Fun Sports Online Forum Community:

Pivian Extreme is the one-stop Online Forum Community for extreme sports enthusiasts. With more than 30 specialized forums, it covers popular disciplines like snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing including more extreme activities like skysurfing, bungee jumping or snowkiting. Pivian Extreme is available on

Pivian Extreme covers the following extreme sports and fun sport disciplines: Basejumping, BMX, Bodysurfing, Cliffjumping, Downhillskating, Freeskiing, Hanggliding, Heliskiing, Inlineskating, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, Landsailing, Motocross, Motorbiking, Mountainbiking, Paintball, Paragliding, Parasailing, Rafting, Sandboarding, Scuba Diving, Skateboarding, Skydiving, Skysurfing, Snowboarding, Snowkiting, Speedflying, Surfing, Wakeboarding.

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Fiji Adventure Travel Mon, 21 Sep 2009 21:26:49 +0000 admin
James Sheldon asked:

Traveling to Fiji may very well be an adventure in and of itself, but not until you reach the tropical paradise will you realize what Fiji adventure is truly all about. Perhaps that is the mysterious allure of the exotic Fiji Islands. They are a place that is perfect for rest and relaxation, as well as being a place to find some of the world’s greatest adventures. Whether you love to play underwater as an honorary fish, surf with the dolphins or explore Fiji’s tropical and mountainous interior terrain, there’s something for every adventurous heart, even if you only feel like watching the surfers from your comfortable spot on the beach.

Fiji Adventure Travel

One of the best ways to enjoy true Fiji adventure travel is by finding a location that offers a little bit of it all. If you can find a location, then you need to find an outlet that offers access to help unleash your potential. One of the best adventure stays in all of Fiji can do just that, while allowing you to rest and relax like royalty when you retire for the day. That location: The Koro Sun Resort.

The Koro Sun Resort And Fiji Adventure

For starters, to enjoy a Fiji adventure, you want to get away from the crowds and the stream of people that are moving in one direction toward an activity on a particular beach. There’s no adventure in it — there’s no feeling of discovery. At the Koro Sun, problem number one is solved, because you’ll feel free from the crowds on their beautiful resort grounds located on the southern shore of Vanua Levu.

Nestled into nearly 100 acres of rainforest, you’ll quickly discover how perfect this area is for adventure. Whether you would want to explore the rainforest in search of tropical wildlife, or in search for waterfalls, you’ll find exactly what you’re hoping for. The beach gives way to perfect snorkeling opportunities, and as a guest of the Koro Sun, you can take advantage of a kayak in order to get to some more impressive depths, where the underwater world truly comes alive.

The Koro Sun also offers opportunity to catch a few waves, catch a few fish, enjoy some hiking, biking, tennis, golf, volleyball or experience the best scuba diving in Fiji.

Koro Sun Accommodations — Fiji Adventure Travel

The Koro Sun Resort offers so much access to so many activities, that a stay here is completely appropriate. When you consider what your accommodations include in the world of adventure, as well as the enjoyment three all-inclusive gourmet meals daily, you really can’t find a better way to find yourself neck deep in Fiji adventure or Fijian culture.

Choose from any number of Bure style accommodations, offering privacy, romance or even the space to host or vacation with friends and family. You can choose from two-bedroom deluxe Bures, or three-bedroom Koro Sun Villas, which take the living adventure, to another level.

If Fiji adventure travel is your goal, consider the Koro Sun Resort to be your luxurious base camp at which to start!

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The 10 Most Popular Extreme Sports Mon, 21 Sep 2009 11:01:39 +0000 admin
Seomul Evans asked:

Extreme sports are those which are characteristically thrilling, owing to the high level of risk involved. They often include extremes of physical exertion or speed, or height. Danger is always present, and this adds to the thrills experienced. Many people enjoy watching extreme sports, rather than participating themselves. The popularity of extreme sports has increased in recent years, especially amongst young people.

One reason behind the evolution of extreme sports is the technological development which has made them possible. Most people do not experience much risk in everyday life, and this too adds to their attraction. People seek the thrill, and enjoy the attention it receives as well.

The Ten Most Popular Extreme Sports


The surfer uses a board to glide along on a breaking wave. There are now two classifications of surfing, based on the design of the board and riding style. These are short and long boarding. Surfing is said to have been developed long ago in Polynesia, and came to the rest of the world when Europeans first observed it.


This sport uses a surfboard with a sail, by means of which the rider can skim across the surface of the water. Thus it combines elements of surfing and sailing. The sport developed in the latter part of the twentieth century.

Hot Air Ballooning

This technology was the first form of human air transport. The balloon contains a bag which holds the hot air, and the passengers are carried in a wicker basket which hangs underneath. Hot air ballooning is now a sport, and modern structure includes fire resistant materials for the mouth of the balloon.

Mountain Biking

In this sport the bike rider rides over rough ground on a mountain bike or hybrid road bike. There are four classifications in mountain biking: street riding, downhill, freeride and cross country. Mountain biking has now developed as an extreme sport, and there is now a hall of fame to celebrate the achievements of early mountain bikers.

Hang Gliding

A hang glider is an aircraft which you can launch yourself, and which you then guide in the air by means of shifting your weight. You can also steer them by means of aircraft control technology. Modern hang gliders can perform aerobatic stunts and can fly long distances and at significant height.


The techniques of flying and launching a paraglider are similar to those in hang gliding. There are no solid supports in a paraglider. The paraglider pilot needs to possess understanding of relevant engineering technology and aircraft design, as well as weather conditions. Rough weather can cause a high degree of risk in this sport.


Skydiving, or parachuting, is when a person falls (on purpose) from a height, supported by a parachute. Early jumps were from hot air balloons in the eighteenth century, and it became an international sport in the mid twentieth century. It is now popular both as a recreation and as a sport.


This sport is enjoyed as a recreational activity as well as a sport, and combines elements of hiking, trekking and walking. The original intention was to reach high places, where no one had trekked previously. It then developed into a physically demanding sport. Some people enjoy mountaineering in the snow, others prefer rocky climbs.

Ice Climbing

This sport means climbing up icefalls and ice covered rock faces. There are two variations, water ice climbing (on cliffs or under waterfalls), and alpine ice climbing (in the mountains). The equipment used varies according to things such as the type of slope and ice texture.

Bungee Jumping

This extreme sport involves jumping from a height, whilst attached from above by a long elastic cord. The jumper usually jumps from a structure such as a crane, bridge or high building. The jumper falls free until caught and bounced up and down by the cord, and this provides lots of thrill.

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Desperately Seeking Snow, and Other Extreme Sport Hotspots Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:23:57 +0000 admin
Andy Adams asked:

For those who like the adrenalin pumping as they push their bodies to the limit many people take up some form of extreme sport.  We know most of them from television and video games, the main ones being skateboarding, skydiving and the nauseating bungee jump!

The fun doesn’t stop there, people can do most extreme sports anywhere but like most sports they have their true home, places which are perfect for that sport.  Like Wembley is to Football and Wimbledon is to Tennis there are places all over the world that are considered the Mecca of extreme sports.

Skateboarding is a common extreme sport you will likely see people in town centres performing tricks and doing jumps but the modern skateboarding scene has descended from the skate parks of California.  The home of world class skaters like Tony Hawk, California has many dedicated skate parks with both street setups as well as vertical sets like half-pipes. 

If California is too warm for your sport of choice then there are always the mountain ranges of Europe of which there are plenty.  Ski slopes are dotted all over Europe with the Alps as well as other European countries in the north like Norway.  Norway is a popular ski and snowboarding area with thousands of people learning the sports as well as seasoned pros cutting their way down the slopes.

For the more death-defying extreme sports nut New Zealand can help out with skydiving and white water rafting available in a picturesque country last seen in the Lord of The Rings films.  For those who are extra daring there is a bungee jump location in Taupo, New Zealand which hangs over a giant gorge to a river below.  It’s this river that you end up dunked in at the bottom of your fall, but don’t worry, you’re flung out of it and will surely dry out with all the bouncing around you’ll be doing!

As you can see from this brief overview that there are plenty of locations dotted all over the globe for extreme sports.  extreme sports magazine websites are your first port of call to find out where’s the best location for your extreme sports holidays.  Once you’ve decided what sport you want to try out and where is best then you should be able to begin making preparations.  So check out an extreme sports magazine today and find your extreme sports haven!

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Ancient Birthplace of Extreme Sport Claims Another Tragic First Thu, 10 Sep 2009 00:36:46 +0000 admin
Wendy Tendys asked:

Copyright (c) 2008 Wendy Tendys

Tradition, myths from ancient times and death defying leaps are all part of the ancient birthplace of extreme sport. The most spectacularly frightening religious ceremony is repeated every year. Crowds stood in silent awe as the 75′ fragile looking tower collapsed, taking everyone on it to the ground.

It is one of the world’s most spectacularly frightening religious ceremonies, on Vanuatu’s Pentecost island, the land dive. The home and ancient birthplace of extreme sport and the pre-runner of all modern bungee jumping.

Perhaps it is just secret women’s business, or just legend from the mysterious myths of ancient times, but it is whispered that the first land diver was a woman. In a desperate bid to escape her husband’s abuse she tied a vine to her ankle and dived off the top of a tree. She survived. Not to be outdone by a woman, her husband dived after her without the aid of a vine. He died.

This turned to an ancient ceremony, celebrating the yam crop showing its first green tips in early April. At least one huge wooden tower is built in each of the southern villages of the island. Towers often reach as high as 23m (75ft).

This year, each Saturday from April to June, is to be a jump day, where the men of all ages will line up to take the plunge. Unfortunately it could be their last act on earth.

The islanders believe the jump is necessary to guarantee the bounty of the yam harvest. The divers’ back or shoulders must brush the tilled earth, in order to make the ground fruitful. Hopefully all rocks have been removed from the area.

It has now also become a ceremony to show the men’s acceptance into manhood. What a potential death jump proves of manhood, however, is beyond our civilized minds’ comprehension. Bearing in mind, the jump is now taboo to women.

Each man psyches himself to dive from the precarious looking platform, held only by two vines his friends have tied to his ankles. If there is too much moisture in the vines, the vines will stretch with fatal results. However, a participant died during a filming, when the Queen of England was present in 1974, because of an extremely dry season. The vines did not have enough elasticity ‘ they tore instead of stretching.

When he is ready to jump the diver raises his hands to the people below to stop their singing, dancing and whistling. Just before he jumps he shouts out his most intimate thoughts, whatever they may be. They may be his last words on earth, so it is time to let it all hang out.

He claps his hands, crosses his arms over his chest and leans forward until he topples over the edge of the platform.

Barely conscious, the diver is hastily aided to his feet as male relatives rush up to remove the vines from his ankles. The crowd roars its approval.

This year the platform collapsed before the first dive took place. Reasons: Were the holes dug deep enough into the ground to carry the weight of the climbers. Maybe there weren’t enough supporting vines at the back to keep the tower upright.

“What was the camera man doing climbing the tower, anyway?the local islanders ask.

This is the 21st century, yet tradition still has its place, rightly or wrongly. Haven’t they heard of workplace safety? Short answer. NO! It does not exist in places like the outer islands of Vanuatu.

Neither does free education in accordance with the Rights of the Child, as ratified by the General Assembly of the United Nations, 1989.

Many of the students will never have the opportunity to go to high school without outside assistance, though the males of Pentecost will annually make a death defying jump. These children will be left behind in the 21st century, with nothing but their traditional way of life. You can make a difference in these children’s lives and the lives of their village. Ancient traditions will not be challenged, but the children of this Lesser Developed Country, have the right to be given the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams and ambitions.

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Cheap Health Insurance And Sports Injuries Thu, 03 Sep 2009 02:24:41 +0000 admin
Harvey McEwan asked:

lth Insurance and Sports Injuries

Being the early part of the year, many people are still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions – new gym memberships, taking up a new sport and generally getting fitter and healthier than they ended the previous year. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to hear that the UK sees anything up to 50,000 sports injuries every single day.

Untreated sports injuries can result in weakness, an unstable platform and infections, possibly manifesting in more problems further down the line. So swift treatment is essential to ensure you’re fit and health, able to continue your new regime and (in some cases) ensure you can continue to work and go about your normal life.

Where Does Health Insurance Come Into Play?

Each injury could require a diagnosis, specialist treatment, physiotherapy and a rehabilitation program before a return to action. The quicker you can get through this and the higher the quality of your treatment, the better. That’s precisely where a health insurance policy plays an important role. Giving you quick and easy access to specialists to get you back into shape, avoiding NHS waiting lists, crowded wards and higher risks of infection.

But be warned that a dirt cheap health insurance policy is likely to be cheap for a reason – it’s unlikely to provide you with cover for every eventuality (such as sports injuries). Some health insurance policies (and travel insurance for that matter) will contain exclusions in the small print explaining that they will not pay out on a claim if the medical costs were required as a result of an “extreme” sport. This may include skateboarding, hand-gliding, sky diving or motor-cross as examples.

The key to finding cheap health insurance is not to simply buy the policy with the lowest price. You need to make sure the policy you buy is providing you with the cover you’re likely to need. If you’re a keen sportsperson, you should be including this type of cover in your private medical plan. So don’t be misled by cheap quotes.

Whatever protection you need, help is on hand from a number of health insurance comparison websites which cover the UK market. They can find your best health insurer in a matter of seconds and even put you through to speak to someone over the phone to get into the detail more easily. It’ll save you tons of form filling time, leaving you more time for your favourite activities.

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Has Your Child Outgrown Traditional Summer Camp? Try An Extreme Sports Camp! Wed, 12 Aug 2009 23:09:15 +0000 admin
Eric D. Naftulin asked:

Remember camp when you were a kid? You spent your days horseback riding, petting farm animals and shooting bows and arrows. Your nights were filled with skits, s’mores, and singing songs around the campfire.

You can still find summer programs like these. There will always be a market for the tradtional camp experience. But today’s youth often demands more stimulating camp activities. Extreme sports camps are where it’s at!

Extreme sports camps run the gamut from surfing camps to wakeboarding camps to dirt biking camps and more. Though extreme sports camps are often viewed as “riskier” than traditional camps, the risks or dangers are often more perceived than actual when the camp takes proper precautions.

What are the “proper precautions” needed to keep kids safe at extreme sports camps?

In general, the camp staff requires additional training and expertise in the activities being offered. New, modern, and well-maintained equipment must be utilized. And weather conditions (such as at a surf camp, for example) must be just right; you don’t want your child learning to surf on a 5 foot wave when a 1-foot wave is more than appropriate for a beginner.

Since extreme sports camp activities are typically more challenging than traditional camp activities, your child’s potential for personal growth and development is enormous. It is not unusual for parents to report a dramatic increase in their child’s self-confidence and esteem after participating in an extreme sports camp. Imagine your son or daughter’s sense of pride and achievement after conquering the biggest wave at surf camp!

The thrill and fun of attending an extreme sports camp can’t be beat. But remember, the necessity for proper safety provisions, supervision, equipment, and personnel cannot be overstated. Assuming these important variables are in place, your child could be in for the most amazing camp experience of their life.

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Few Extreme Sports Sat, 01 Aug 2009 09:39:07 +0000 admin
Harry Wilson asked:

Extreme sports are enjoyed by people all over the world. Extreme sports are often practiced by adrenaline junkies seeking a way to escape their dull lives. Although these sports are quite exciting, they can be dangerous and can result in the occasional loss of a life or broken bones. However, they are a craze and many people love to undertake them without any fear or terror.


Also known as parachuting, skydiving involves a planned drop from a height using a parachute. There are records about successful parachute jumps from hot air balloons in the year 1797. The sport became international only in 1951. This sport demands free-falling skills and knowledge about parachuting techniques. Today it is among the most popular recreational activities and competitive sports.


Surfing is one sport which is undertaken by almost every individual in U.S. This term is often referred for a surface water sport in which the person surfing is carried along the face of a breaking ocean wave (the “surf”) standing on a surfboard. Surfboards can also be used on rivers on standing waves. Some people practice this as a hobby while others become professional surfers.

Mountain Biking

This sport is highly dangerous and involves a lot of practice, concentration and biking skill. It basically entails the sport of riding bicycles off the road and often over rough terrains and other dangerous mountain sites. Mountain biking is divided into four categories: cross country, downhill, freeride, and trials/street riding. Each has differing levels of safety-consciousness with different types of mountain bikes and riding gear.

Bungee Jumping

This activity involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. This sport is extremely thrilling because you have a feeling of free-fall or flying in the air. It makes your adrenaline rush and takes you to the extremes of excitement.

The above are some of the extreme sports enjoyed by people everywhere.

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Adventure Travel on a Motorcycle Sat, 18 Jul 2009 17:43:53 +0000 admin
An exotic, mystical and enchanting land with remote hill tribe villages, ancient ruins, beautiful coastlines and spectacular mountain views. Now imagine how much better it is to be visiting on a motorcycle, with the wind blowing against your face, sights, sounds and smells unmuffled by rolled up, tinted windows.

You see things differently on a motorcycle. You are no longer a passive observer watching the scenes go by, instead you are in the scene. The acrid smell of burning logs tickles your nose and the cold mountain air tingles your skin. You raise your arms for the low hanging tree branches, and the leaves brush by your fingers.

An adventure travel on a motorcycle is one of the best ways to see a country, especially in countries with challenging road infrastructure. Compared to its more glamorous counterpart, it is easier for a motorcycle to edge pass potholes and bomb craters. A motorcycle also makes it easier to go off the beaten track and explore narrow dirt roads and Filipina brides.

And there are a lot to explore in countries like Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The mighty Angkor Wat in Cambodia, mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos and picturesque Sapa in Vietnam are but some of the famous attractions. There are plenty of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, hot springs, caves, mountains, jungles and temples to keep the traveller occupied. These South East Asian countries are also blessed with deep history and rich culture.

Because of the cultural and language barriers, it might seem difficult enough just to visit the countries, let alone renting a motorcycle and traveling cross-country. But many foreigners, including me, have made the same trips without much problems. Sure, the motorcycles do break down and we do lose our way once in a while. But, these are just part of the adventures and you can always depend on the friendly locals, who are armed with an uncanny ability to repair motorcycles and are always willing to point you out to the right direction.

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What to Look for in an Adventure Travel Company Thu, 16 Jul 2009 18:50:41 +0000 admin
Adventure travel is a great treat to those who are keen on traveling and exploring a lot. It is all about one’s passion for travel. Today, it is not all about just packing your backpacks and setting out on a tour. An adventure travel company will help you arrange and prepare for the whole trip. You do not have to worry about anything from starting to the end. This is great. This way, you can enjoy your trip without any tension.

You would also need to take help of an adventure travel company because you may have to face a number of situations or settings that you are not at all familiar.

An adventure travel company will help you in providing superb quality equipment, personal and knowledge on the kind of situations you may have to face while traveling to a foreign place.

The best thing about choosing an adventure travel company is that it will provide you many details that are an integral part of visiting to the most remote regions of any foreign nations.

An adventure travel company is one that works towards selling good package excursions to clients and enable them to reach out the most remote regions of foreign places. They make sure that the clients enjoy the trip and take part in many activities while on the trip without any difficulty. Some Adventure travel companies also provide guides or personal to their clients in order to provide nothing but the best.

When choosing a good adventure travel company, there are many things that you require to keep in mind.

Here are some tips on choosing the right adventure travel company:

a) Find a company:

You can find an adventure travel company from various sources. You can browse the world wide web, travel magazines or visit any of the local adventure travel company.

b) Research:

It is very important to make a research on adventure travel companies prior to opting for one. This will let you know how many adventure travel companies are there, the kinds of services they provide and how one is better than the other is.

c) Compare:

Compare various adventure travel companies, the services they provide, the price they provide their services at and the place they would offer you to visit.

d) Contact personally:

It is very important to establish a contact personally via email, phone conversation or meeting in person.

e) Make a list:

It is natural to have many queries when deciding on adventure travel company to set out on a trip. Hence, it is very important to jot down all your questions on a paper.

When talking to an adventure travel company executive, make sure you get answers to all your questions. Try to ask the company about the means of transportation, accommodations offered, camping opportunities, providence of equipment medical precautions required, help provision during a medical ailment, the political situation of the company you would be traveling, cancellation policy, insurance and a lot more.

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Luxury Adventure Travel to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands Sun, 05 Jul 2009 17:16:43 +0000 admin
Michael Donner asked:

Nothing sounds more exotic or exciting than luxury adventure travel to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands. Let’s take these one at a time and see what you would be getting if you indulged yourself with luxury adventure travel of this kind.

First the Galapagos Islands. Luxury adventure travel to the Galapagos Islands is following the footsteps of Charles Darwin and the Beagle, as he formulated his theory of evolution by studying the life forms on these islands, untainted by human hand for thousands of years. You can try to spot the blue-footed boobies waddling among the hundred year old 600 pound tortoises, or seek out the Amblyrhynchus, a three-foot long, iguana resembling a dinosaur that lives only on these islands.

You could make your initial stop to tour Quito, and have a look around one of the Indian markets nearby, such as the Saquisili Indian market, and buy a hand-made Panama hat – these are made in Ecuador, not Panama! Quito itself offers a great deal to the adventurer, and you will be able to straddle the equator – one foot in the northern and another in the southern hemisphere. Quito was destroyed by the Indians to prevent it being taken by Pissarro, and rebuilt by the Spanish colonialists.

Then take a business class flight on your first stage to tour the Galapagos Islands, and transfer to a luxury cruiser to visit Espanol Island, the first of the Galapagos Islands you will visit. Don’t forget that this is luxury adventure travel to the Galapagos Islands, and that you should want for nothing: the best accommodations and personal attention.

After admiring the iguanas, which swim only at this island, cruise over to Santa Cruz, and visit the Charles Darwin Research Station at Academy Bay, where you will check out the captive tortoise and iguana breeding centers. After crossing the equator, Genovesa Island can be very deceiving. The quietness of this volcanic area lulls you into a false sense of security, because you will shortly enter Darwin Bay and be assaulted by the sound of thousands of birds of many different types: boobies (both blue and red footed), Audubon’s shearwaters, noddies and red billed tropicbirds among many others. This is an ornithologist’s heaven.

Wreck Bay (I wonder how it got that name) on San Cristobal is the administrative capital of the Galapagos and you can fly from there back to Ecuador, connecting in Guayaquil for your flight to Lima. This is the start on the second part of your vacation: Luxury Adventure Travel to Machu Picchu. However, why rush it? Why not first have a look around some of the other places that Peru has to offer?

Take a trip to Cuzco: at three miles high, one of the highest cities in the world. Imagine your 100 meters time here! When you get this high, you have to take it easy or you could become ill, so let yourself acclimatize after your sea-level trip to the Galapagos Islands. Give it a day and then head off for a tour to Chincero in the Urubamba Sacred Valley, to learn something about the old ways of the Incas. Keep in mind that is a luxury vacation, and in keeping with that you should also visit La Cicciolina, which one of the best restaurants in this part of the world. Now you are ready for your luxury adventure travel to Machu Picchu!

What better than a luxury train ride on the Hiram Bingham train to the lost city, enjoying champagne and a top class brunch on the way. It was Yale historian, Hiram Bingham, who brought Machu Picchu to the attention of the civilized world in 1911, and wrote his first book on his finding under the title “The Lost City of the Incas”. In fact the city had been constructed around 1460, when the Inca Empire was at its peak, and it is believed that it was abandoned less than 100 years later due to an outbreak of smallpox killing most of the inhabitants.

Although many think it had ceremonial origins, current belief is that it was an estate of the Incan emperor, Pachacuti, and it is certainly not mentioned in any of the writings of the Spanish conquistadores. Whatever its purpose, this is an extraordinary city, totally invisible from below, and completely self-contained with its own springs and terraces devised to produce enough food to feed a large population. It also possesses baths, storage rooms, temples and around 150 houses.

It is not enough to travel this far and simply walk around the ruins, or those of them that you are permitted to visit. The ecosystem around the area is fascinating, and luxury adventure travel to Machu Picchu would be incomplete without learning more about this cloud forest. For the botanist there are more than 372 species of orchid to enjoy, from the lady’s slipper to tiny specimens needing a magnifying glass to appreciate.

Finally, when you return to Lima why not complete your luxury vacation and visit the Larco Herrera Museum, then take a private tour of the city, visiting both the modern and the old colonial areas of Lima.

You don’t get to enjoy luxury adventure travel to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Island very often, and you want it to be a wonderful experience, so find a tour company that can offer you personal attention, and with planners that can offer you a personal vacation just for you and a partner. That is far better than joining 48 others, and enables you to enjoy true luxury vacation with luxury travel, accommodation and cuisine that you will remember forever.

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Taking Sport to Its Limits Wed, 01 Jul 2009 21:54:43 +0000 admin
Jaks Lloyd asked:

Around the nineteen eighties a new term, extreme sports, evolved to embrace the growing development of sporting activities that involved an increased element of individualism coupled with an element of danger not associated with traditional sports.

Eagerly taken up by the youth of the day as well as adults, activities such as bungee jumping, hang gliding, sky diving, rock climbing, mountaineering and scuba diving grew in popularity aided by the growth in disposable incomes enjoyed by teenagers and the twenty pluses.

During the last twenty-five years, largely due to the recognition by the marketing industry of the potential for profit, extreme sports have undergone a significant demographic change.

Adults still involve themselves in the more established extreme sports but the emphasis has changed to involving youth and promoting activities that, while still needing high levels of skills and dicing with danger, also require specialized gear and clothing.

If you are a parent you will know the importance of brand names to the young and the marketing boys were quick to exploit this new market.

Nowadays the term extreme sports has become associated with youth culture and the popularity of the specialized sporting activities that the younger generation have become involved in.

From the beginning most extreme sports have differed from conventional sports in two major areas, they are not a team effort and neither is competition against another a required element.

It is the rush of adrenalin associated with facing and overcoming a potentially dangerous, or even life threatening, obstacle that provides the buzz that modern over protected youth craves for.

As an example take a look at skate boarding, is there any adult out there that has not been amazed by the dangerous stunts that these kids seem able to perform so nonchalantly.

However they have to wear what looks like a quite a large amount of specialized gear to perform in.

Apart from the skateboard there are elbow and knee protectors, safety helmet and don’t forget the trendy designer label clothing and footwear.

BMX racing, snowboarding, wind surfing, paragliding and all the other youth orientated extreme sports have one thing in common and that is expensive gear.

So parents be warned, encourage your children to take up a traditional sport, tennis football, baseball, cricket, hockey, athletics or swimming.

Oops, sorry, made a mistake as they all need expensive gear and most are just as dangerous as many so called extreme sports. I suppose all we can do is grin and bear it, pay the bills and pray they stay safe.

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How Rock Climbing Is Soaring In Popularity In The Extreme Sport Genre Tue, 30 Jun 2009 00:36:40 +0000 admin
Gregg Hall asked:

Rock climbing is the sport where you climb steep rocks and it was first done in England. By 1930 some hundred climbing resorts opened in England alone and people started the sport of rock climbing. A person who wants to be a climber should always be ready to climb such as being in good physical and mental health. The person who is outlaying the route to the top of the climb should always be watching out for the other climbers since they just started climbing.

There are a few different kinds of climbing, there is free climbing where you do not use any kind of ropes or anything and that is very dangerous then there is aid climbing where you are aided into climbing with ropes and such. In lead climbing the leader of the group that is climbing will outlay a path to take by taking a rope around their own body and then start to climb up the rock formation. Once he has made it up the rock formation a good ways the others start to climb and use his path.

With sport leads climbing the bolts are already placed in the rock formation and so the climbers can just attach their ropes to the bolts already placed and keep climbing without having to bring extra equipment with them on the climb. When a rope is placed on top of the rock formation with an anchor you just kind of use the rope and make your way down like the rock walls at the local fairs that you may have.

Every kind of climbing here is dangerous and you should always take serious care when doing these kinds of sports. When you are doing leads climbing you need to be sure to follow the path that the leader has given to you and not stray from it. If you were to stray from the right path you could seriously hurt yourself and could possibly even die if you don’t follow the right path and stick to what you are told to do. Climbing a rock formation without any kind of help is called free climbing and should never be attempted if you are not strong in your upper body and cannot climb alone with the help of bolts and ropes.

When you are doing lead climbing you are always going to be safe as your body is being held up with ropes and you are continuing to follow the path which had been given to you. Sometimes it may be hard to stick with everyone when you are doing lead climbing but once you have lead climbing down and you can probably go do some of your own lead climbing and start climbing with other people that need help just like you needed help. Even though it may take some time for you to be able to lead it will pay off when you are the one leading everyone to the top and you are not the one following anymore.

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Sports Travel Insurance – Are You Covered? Sat, 27 Jun 2009 03:55:07 +0000 admin
Iain Mackintosh asked:

Sport and activity holidays are hugely popular nowadays, as people look to practice their skills in a new environment or even learn an entirely new sport as part of their holiday. Many sports and activities, like skydiving and scuba diving, can be much cheaper to do abroad than in the UK. But despite all the dangers associated with extreme sports, insurance for dangerous activities abroad usually isn’t researched as carefully as it should be. Many people assume that their cheap travel insurance covers any and every sport or activity that they may decide to try while on holiday. This is not so – you have to read the small print!

The sports and activities covered by your insurance will vary from policy to policy, but specialised sports travel insurance will undoubtedly be necessary to cover the higher risk activities. For these more dangerous activities, you are likely to face higher costs for the insurance itself and larger premiums if you do make a claim. For many of the riskier activities, Personal Accident and Personal Liability cover is not included.

Every sports travel insurance provider will have a different way of grading various activities; I’ve always split sports into two main categories…

Moderate Risk

Moderate risk activities include many common sports, such as basketball, football, baseball, squash, tennis and cricket. It also includes activities like mountain biking, amateur marathon running, cycling and low altitude trekking.

High Risk

Obviously enough, this kind of sports insurance covers activities that present a much higher risk of injury. This includes contact sports like American Football and Rugby, as well as horse riding, motorcycling, bungee jumping, kite surfing, and other risky activities.

Be aware that activities may change categories depending on the conditions. For example, inland kayaking is often classed as moderate risk, whereas coastal kayaking can be considered high risk. Many sports insurance policies will only cover scuba diving down to a certain depth, for example, or trekking up to a certain altitude. Even if your activity of choice is mentioned in your insurance, make sure you double check the details of what you are doing to be certain that you will be covered.

Of course, there are plenty of activities that companies like mine won’t cover at all. For very high risk sports and activities, such as BASE jumping or high altitude mountaineering, you’ll have contact a specialist insurance provider to sort you out with some extreme sports insurance! Additionally, any normal sports travel insurance policy isn’t likely to cover the playing of professional sports or competitions – you’ll need to contact a specialist in order to be covered for these kinds of activities. Amateur level is covered by most standard insurers, but if you intend to compete you’ll need something a little more comprehensive.

Whatever sport or activity you intend to try while on holiday, the best thing to do is to talk to make sure you talk to your travel insurance company to be certain of getting the right kind of sports insurance. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, and could save you a lot of money in the long run. Uninsured sporting accidents abroad will probably hurt your wallet even more than they hurt you!

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Have An Overwhelming Luxury Adventure Travel In Botswana Tue, 23 Jun 2009 06:47:01 +0000 admin

When we talk about safari holidays, it is obvious to talk about South Africa – the land of safari parks. If you are a safari lover and are in search of an exciting safari destination, you can plan your tour to Botswana. This part of South Africa has to offer lot many exciting things and experiences to wildlife and safari lovers. During your visit to Botswana you will find lot many things to explore, right from art, culture, people to wildlife.

If you love bird watching, you should definitely plan Symptoms of H1N1 to this part of South Africa. One can simply not stop admiring the wonderful birdlife present in Botswana. This place has more than 600 species of birds, which include many rare and unique species of birds as well.

When the annual rains fill the Makgadikgadi, thousands of waterbords which migrate to Botswana further enhance the colorful view of this place. In Botswana, the safari lovers not only see the huge numbers of resident and migratory birds but also witness the wide array of raptors and other species of animals and birds.

The Chobe National Park being one of the best wildlife reserves of South Africa attracts huge volumes of safari lovers on luxury travel tours every year. This reserve is known to have the largest population of elephant in the world. This place also boasts of greater rainfall than other parts of this dry country and the tropical vegetation it is blessed with.

When we talk about luxury adventure travel in Botswana, we can definitely not miss mentioning about the Kalahari Desert. This desert covers most of Botswana and is known to display a wide variety of game within its natural boundary.

The Makgadikgadi and Okavango Delta are the other destinations in the country which are worth a visit if you are interested in exploring the wildlife, birds and other wilderness attractions in this part of South Africa completely, during your African safari holidays.

Botswana is well known throughout the world for having a rich tribal art and craft tradition. It also possesses a rich wealth of ancient rock art. The Tsodilo Hills situated west of the Okavango delta is known to have the site richest in rock art in South Africa. It is known to have more than 4000 catalogue paintings.

Botswana also has a rich history of culture which includes the stone wall ruins, Stone Age tools and patterned pottery. This place continues to preserve its local traditions and very carefully protects the ancient human culture.

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Extreme Sport Info Mon, 22 Jun 2009 13:55:06 +0000 admin
The Extreme Sport Info

Have you noticed that the people who are dedicated to extreme sports seem a little ‘different’ from most other people? Extreme sports enthusiasts seem to have that “darn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” attitude that runs counter to the thoughtful, considered way most people lead their lives. They can’t really help it when they are in the “zone”. When they are in the zone, all the matters is the mission . . . their whole life is no more significant than the moment of execution. Those who study such things as the psychology of athletes, call the “zone” that temporary state of mind where an adrenaline high, awakened by a high-risk endeavor, is (at least temporarily) the absolutely dominant influence in your life with Colombian girls.

The zone, as described above, may seem to symbolize a period of extreme irresponsibility, but it is actually a period of extreme focus and near-maximum control – it is a mental state that is similar to, but more intense than, taking that first-ever dive off the high dive at the deep end of the pool. It is also called “the adrenaline effect.”

An important the body reaction

Adrenaline is an important key to the body’s reaction in times of stress, danger or anger. At those times, your brain increases the adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and blood flow. In addition, it increases glucose production (glucose is the “food” your body burns when you exercise) and increases physical stamina — in short, you feel invigorated. This process is called the “fight or flight response;” it gets your body “primed for action” . . . and its somewhat addictive!

These enthusiasts are called, somewhat facetiously, “adrenaline junkies,” and to these extreme sports devotees, it is a colloquialism that fits. They crave activities that require intense concentration and extreme performance, activities such as: bungee jumping, skydiving, hang gliding, mountain climbing and auto racing. Adrenaline junkies, however, are not just into extreme sports. You will find them living extreme lifestyles. These are the same people you will find making their living as SWAT team members, emergency response personnel and members of military Special Forces such as SEALS and Green Berets. Professional gamblers and stock market traders are also “addicted” to the possibility of an enormous win or an enormous loss — the possibilities of which will get anyone’s adrenaline flowing.

How do you find your “zone”?

So how do you find your “zone?” It is not as difficult, or as strenuous (or even as addictive) as it may sound. Those who go in for and, to some extent, become addicted to extreme sports and the adrenaline high, are extreme examples of those in the zone. In simpler and less extreme terms, the zone simply means determination and focus.

You “psych yourself up” for any particular activity (it might be an action sport or it might be passing a mid-term exam) by becoming determined to accomplish your task and by focusing on learning what you need to learn, and doing what you need to do. While you are in that mental state (that zone) you are so focused on your objective that what other people say, think or do is mere background noise. You picture the task and see yourself accomplishing it.

What’s really happening here?

What’s happening is that you are learning to harness the power of your mind. Your body — your muscles may be doing the work but your mind is making the work easier, making the task more comprehensible, making the task more doable. It is the extreme sports version of the “Power of Positive Thinking.” Wow! Deja Vu from 1952! That’s when Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s self help book was first published and when the seeds were first planted that would grow into millions of success stories.

The power of the mind is an awesome thing! Your mind is like a super-computer that is programming itself every minute of your day with ideas, concepts, idle thoughts, feelings, wishes and desires. The key is staying positive! Staying with the computer analogy, there is a saying amongst computer programmers: “GIGO,” that means “Garbage In — Garbage Out;” in other words, the result of any effort will only be as good (successful) as the effort put into it.


Normally, so the experts say, humans use only a small fraction of their mind’s potential. The amount of additional potential that you might be using when in your zone has not been quantified and is not important — what is important is that, whether participating in an action sport or trying to learn a line of poetry, the focus and determination you use will make success more possible. The only limitations we have are self-imposed limitations — that’s the secret of the zone!

For more articles related to this subject and others please visit

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