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A Definition of an Adventure Tour

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
Cynthia Andrews asked:

Many people dream of having amazing adventures like one might see in the movies. Other vacationers decide to vacation at the same unadventurous location. If you are looking for a change from the ordinary and want to bring some real adventure into your life, you might want to consider taking an adventure tour for your next vacation. An adventure tour can be made up of a number of different components, but the end result is that you get to explore the best that the world has to offer in a hands-on way. Keep in mind that adventure tours are not for everyone; read these examples of common adventure tour components to see if one is right for you and your family.

Most adventure tours involve hiking at one point or another, generally in conjunction with camping. Some of the hikes may be relatively short, serving as a down-to-earth method of transportation between larger components of the tour. Other hikes can be quite long, comprising a major part of the tour’s attraction. Many of the longer hikes have basic recommendations for your fitness level or they may ill require that you have a certain amount of hiking experience before you take them simply because the distances would be difficult for an out of shape individual to cover safely and in time with the rest of the group.

White water rafting is a common component of an adventure tour. Tours exist that take you on all grades of rivers, though the higher grades usually require a certain amount of rafting experience, which helps prevent you from being a danger to yourself and others. Some tours may even take you across different grades on different days, letting you build up experience over the course of the tour, allowing you to be ready for larger rapids later. Most rafting tours involve camping and may include hikes in between river sections as well.

Although not as common as rafting, a number of tours include a kayaking component as well. A number of these tours are featured in Alaska, where kayaking has somewhat of a cultural component; Alaskan kayak tours are often done in the open ocean. Kayaking is generally not the largest component of the tour, though dedicated kayaking tours do exist.

Another element that is incorporated into a number of adventure tours is rock climbing or rappelling. There is a larger element of danger involved with rock climbing than with a standard hiking tour, but the sense of accomplishment and adventure is well worth it. Many adventure tours that feature rock climbing or rappelling are centered in mountainous regions where climbing may be the primary focus of the tour. There are some hiking tours, which feature rock climbing as just a single component of the tour.

Other extreme sports may also be featured in adventure tours, though they are not as common as the elements that have already be mentioned. Some adventure tours incorporate bungee jumping, cliff diving, hang gliding, and similar activities in addition to hiking and more common components. Finding these tours may be a bit more difficult than finding a basic hiking tour, but if you are looking for a major thrill, these tours can definitely provide that extra sense of excitement.

It should be noted that not all adventure tours are wilderness based; many adventure tour companies have packages, which allow you to experience the adventures of modern life. Tours can go to cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco are relatively common, and some of them even manage to mix city entertainment components with wilderness adventure in the outlying natural parks as well. Other tours are based out of an RV, which you take from one location to the next for each daily event. Some adventure tours contain components such as paintball or other team competitions as well. These are all exciting activities, which are excellent if you are looking to escape from the traditional trip to the beach. Although these may not be as relaxing as the beach, they sure provide excitement and a new thrill to your life.

Regardless of which type of adventure tour you choose, you can expect to have a great time while on the tour. Many adventure tours consist of hiking and camping, but they may also have secondary components such as kayaking and rock climbing. If these are not what you are looking for, there are adventure tours that include extreme sports such as bungee jumping, cliff diving or hang-gliding. The length of the tours can vary from 2-3 days to up to 2 weeks or more, so you should be able to find a tour that meets your exact requirements. If you are looking for a non-traditional vacation, it is highly recommended to try an adventure vacation because it provides an experience that should last a lifetime.

Sail and Surf: Water Adventures in Sardinia

Monday, September 8th, 2008
Althea Tan asked:

Surrounded by the waters of Mediterranean, Sardinia is well known for exciting water sports, the most famous being sailing and windsurfing. Discover why Sardinia is the best place to engage in these sports and find out why enthusiasts keep coming back.


Although Sardinia’s coastline is an extraordinary sailing destination with hundreds of private coves, stunning beaches and dramatic rock formations, it remains surprisingly unknown to many. Sailors are particularly attracted to the island because of its diverse coastline-from the dunes of the Costa Verde to the deep emerald coves and cliffs of Cala Gonone, no stretch is the same as the next.

There are two winds in Sardinia that ensure the perfect conditions for dynamic sailing: the Sahara wind Chirocco and the Maestrale. The Maestrale mostly blows along the west coast, a very powerful west to northwest wind.

If it is your first time to sail in Sardinia’s waters, you’d better be a very competent sailor yourself or take an experienced skipper with you. Familiarize yourself with the area’s nautical literature and navigational requirements.

A lot of seasoned travelers choose to explore Sardinia aboard a sailboat. They sail along, for instance, from the coasts of Costa Smeralda, to escape the glitz and glamour, so they can discover semi-deserted beaches and time-forgotten villages.

Marinas are superior infrastructure circling the island with a 30-sea mile gap between each establishment. Get yourself a copy of “Beaches and Harbours,” a comprehensive list of the island’s 86 marinas. This guide includes nautical maps and is available for free from Sardinia Tourist Authority (ESIT).


With winds coming from every direction and a 200-kilometer stretch coastline, Sardinia is heaven for windsurfers and kite surfers. Although North Sardinia is more popular among windsurfers, the southern part of the island also offers optimum winds and wave conditions.

Over the past few years, a stream of windsurfing schools and centers have sprung up at well-loved windsurf spots, offering beginners water sports lessons.

Porto Pollo (also known as Porto Puddu) near Palau is Sardinia’s best windsurfing destination. It is renowned as one of the best in Europe. Porto Pollo’s three main attractions are its expansive white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and consistent winds. Both the Chirocco wind from the Sahara and the Maestrale wind from the northwest blow in the area, thus ensuring constantly perfect windsurfing conditions.

Keep in mind that this is not the right place for beginners. You’re better off somewhere else if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Should you opt to try the sport, you will be totally looked after by your instructors; there is a protected, glassy flat side of the bay where you can test your skills. If not, prepare to be awed by the sight of many colorful sails gliding over glistening waters.

Family Adventure Holidays in France

Monday, December 3rd, 2007
Marty Davis asked:

Whether you fancy white water rafting, horse riding, mountain biking or hiking, these are just some of the adventure holidays on offer in France, and with so many different activities on offer your holiday can range from the extreme sports to the more sedate, through to adult only adventures, what ever you decide this sort of holiday is never going to be boring, plus all the family can be involved together, which can also make for a great learning experience.

Complete package holidays are a good way of getting the holiday you want without the hassle and these can be catered specifically for your needs, yet you can also choose to book specific activities for a day here and there whilst on your holiday. And when booking your adventure holiday, you would normally be in a reasonably small, informal group of around three to five families, or a social group of around 15 to 30, which would be headed by a trained tour leader and representative. You will also find that this can be a great way to meet other like minded families and individuals, whilst enjoying yourselves and, of course, testing yourselves to the limits along the way.

There are some people that would think of white water rafting or sky diving as extreme adventure sport, whilst others would think of cycling to one place, then going on horse back to another as a great adventure. But the truth is, there is an adventure holiday available to suit all tastes and some are more strenuous than others, so please do always check the itinerary thoroughly and make sure it is going to be suitable everyone.

You can also choose from activities such as canoeing and rafting in the Ardeche, canyoning, tubing and mountaineering in the Alps, horse riding in Brittany, paragliding and climbing in the Pyrenees, or why not go to Chamonix which is a real mountain town, full of history and is popular for skiing holidays, but also provides amazing summer mountaineering and with the diverse terrain it is mostly suited to the experienced for some of the worlds best winter riding.

Why not visit the Gorge d’Ardeche is also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe and as the river winds its way past steep canyon walls and towering cliffs, this creates the ideal location for canoeing, climbing and walking both for the experienced and the novice alike.

The Alps Maritime is like discovering the true France and even though the Roya Valley is only around one hours drive from the Riviera, it is still very unspoilt, and the valley itself is renowned for its many canyons and with the fast flowing river and mountain scenery, this could be the perfect location for an exhilarating family adventure holiday with lots of different activities to choose from, so you could never become bored, just possibly exhausted!

Also, France has lots of lakes and miles of coastal water suitable for water skiing and other water sports, although the areas in the South of France are far warmer, which gives it an added advantage.

Also this country has some of the finest terrain for mountain biking, which is probably why France has been able to produce some the best mountain bikers in the World, but there are also lots of other adventures that might take your fancy, which could include pony trekking, kayaking, scuba diving, wind surfing, hiking, rope courses, caving, abseiling, thrilling jumps into pools, quad biking and much, much more.

Just make sure that whatever type of adventure holiday you are looking for, you think of everyone that is in your party, as some activities are not available for children under certain ages, so you do need to consider what will be appropriate, after all if you like cycling but have a heart condition, then mountain biking is not going to be beneficial!

There are some trips that will cater for the experienced, such as rafting down rapids or ice climbing for the experienced rock climber, whereas a novice or for instance someone that has never even been in a canoe or on a horse before, would need to look at having some tuition incorporated within their holiday before they could attempt some of the activities on offer.

Also, do confirm the equipment, if any, that you will need to take with you along with any specific clothing requirements, such as hiking boots or your own life jacket, just as we had to get a life jacket for our daughter due to her age, as there were not any available in very small sizes and the last thing you want is to get to your destination and realise you cannot participate in the activities you were so looking forward to.

So for anyone who is interested in outdoor adventure travel then this type of holiday can really show you the real France by taking you off the normal beaten track and into the heart of this remarkable country.

Railay, Thailand - Adventure Sports Mecca

Sunday, November 18th, 2007
simon ramsden asked:

For an overview of Railay’s beaches, please see my other article on this site


Railay is arguably the best bolted winter rock climbing area in the world, with over seven hundred bolted routes up limestone faces with breathtaking views over the ocean. There are only a few routes suitable for beginners, which get very crowded during the high season, so beginners are advised to take their introductory course on Koh Phi Phi, which has a greater number of easy routes.


The kayaking around the peninsula at Railay affords a less strenuous way than climbing to get up close to the sensational scenery. Several of the limestone islets off Phra Nang beach have sea caves eroded into their bases, including a few large enough to beach a kayak in. Paddling into caves and through subterranean passages is particularly interesting, but watch out for low, jagged ceilings. For those with more ambition, a short open-water crossing (about one hour of steady, heavy paddling) leads to the island of Koh Poda, which has beautiful and relatively isolated beaches, plus some decent snorkeling. A bottle of water, a hat and plenty of sun protection are essential!


Superlatives fail when attempting to describe Railay, when seen from above. A fact that most visitors never become aware of is that you don’t need to be a rock climber to get fairly high above the beaches, the only gear you need is a stout pair of sandals.

The easiest trek is to go to Phra Nang beach, then walk all the way to its northern end. The enormous rock pillar in front of you and separating you from West Railay beach is called the Thaiwand Wall, and is hollow. You can trek right through it to the West Railay side. All you have to do is follow the other people who will be going the same way and you will eventually, after climbing fixed ladders and holding on to fixed ropes, emerge in a cave high above West Railay Beach. You may recognise the view, as it appears in thousands of posters all over Thailand promoting Krabi province. Just don’t forget to take two torches with you, as the hollow insides of the Thaiwand Wall are completely pitch black. Those terrified of bats should stay away. After retreating back to Phra Nang beach the way you came, you will want to jump straight in the water to wash off all the mud with which you will by this stage be covered. From the beach, up to the cave and then back down again takes less than an hour.

If the above trek has whetted your appetite, maybe you’d like to check out the Princess Lagoon too. On the right hand side of the path from Phra Nang to East Railay is a huge karst. Like the Thaiwand Wall, this one is also hollow. Not hollow from side to side, like the Thaiwand wall, but from a large hole in the top down, inside, to a sea-level lagoon. Using fixed ropes you scramble up its slippery and muddy side and then, after following the right-hand of two trails, down into its middle, you come to a hidden glen where not a sound disturbs a silence so deep you can hear a leaf fall. Descend further and you eventually reach the eerie lagoon. One of Thailand’s most special places, the lagoon is breathtakingly beautiful, particularly when lit from below by turquoise light streaming in from an underwater window to the karst’s exterior. Try not to step in, though, as the bottomless muck has quite an appetite for trekkers’ footwear: you really don’t want to have to climb back up barefoot. The last ten metres down to the lagoon require ropes when muddy and are quite dangerous even when dry. On the way out, trek back up to the point where the trails divided earlier and you took the right-hand trail. Take the other trail and after five minutes you will emerge at the “Low Viewpoint”, which isn’t so low and affords lovely views over the East beach.

It is possible to climb right to the topmost point of the hollow karst, called the “High Viewpoint”, but you need a guide and a rope. This is technically a rock climb as it requires a rope to ensure safety, but it is too easy a route to really qualify as rock climbing. This route is so easy it is virtually a staircase made of stone, and can be ascended by anyone fit enough to make it up the muddy scramble necessary to get to its base. From the top of this route you walk across dagger rock to the topmost point on the karst where, underneath you, is spread out the entire Railay peninsula, in a majestic panorama of peaks, palms and beaches. This is one of the best and most easily accessible views of Railay. Almost anyone can get to see it but few ever do, as the local guides don’t like the muddy scramble to its base so don’t encourage clients to ascend it.

Island-Hopping and Snorkelling

Railay is a good place from which to take an island-hopping and snorkeling trip to the lovely and strangely-shaped nearby islands. Deep-pocketed Rayavadee guests can charter the resort’s Chinese junk. Koh Tup vies in beauty with Koh Poda - don’t forget your sun-block.

Manali – a Destination for Relaxing, Sightseeing & Adventurous Activities

Sunday, October 21st, 2007
michaelbraganza asked:

Situated in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is one of the most popular hill stations of India. It is one of the most beautiful cities in India and often described as the Switzerland of India. It is the destination for relaxing, sightseeing and enjoying lots of adventure & sport options. It is located in at the very close proximity of snow capped mountain peaks. There are lots of tourism options in this small hill town. Temples, scenic landscapes, picture perfect picnic spots, fruit lade apple orchards, meadows of colorful flowers, verdant valleys, snow clad mountain peaks, breezy airs, etc team up together and create truly delightful ambiance for tourists. Manali tours deserve the attention of tourists from all over the world. And tourists never got disappointed with Manali visit.

Due to delightful ambiance with copious nature beauty and wide ranges of thrilling activities, Manali is a very favorite destination among honeymoon couples. The town deserves the attention of honeymoon couples from across the country as well as domestic honeymoon couples. For honeymoon couples, it is like a paradise. And of course honeymoon couples can treasure best of tourism experience on their honeymoon holidays in this small but beautiful hill town of Himachal Pradesh.

Couples can make a visit to fruit laden apple orchards. They can visit several ancient temples like Hidimba Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple, and Bijli Mahadev Temple. They can explore verdant valleys meadows of colorful wild flowers. They can enjoy together paragliding, skiing, and ice-skating in scenic spots like Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. They can watch together some of best sunset views over the snow clad Himalayan mountain peaks. For honeymoon couples all these activities are truly a romantic and delightful experience of tours to Manali, Himachal Pradesh. There are several honeymoon packages Manali has to offer to couples from all over the world. Besides Manali, Shimla – the Capital City of Himachal Pradesh is also a favorite destination of honeymoon couples. Shimla tour can be also delight for honeymooners.

For tourists who are looking for adventure & sport activities on their Himachal vacation, Manali is delight for them. No any part of India offers too many options as Manali offers. Enjoying whitewater rafting and kayaking over the running water of Beas River is a thrilling and delightful experience. Mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering and Heli-skiing always thrill and deserve tourists. There are several trekking trails in and around Manali with heart grabbing scenic beauty. Paragliding, skiing, heli-skiing, ice-skating, angling & fishing, trekking, rafting, mountain climbing etc are popular adventurous & delightful activities which can be enjoyed on Manali tours in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Mountaineering and Allied Sports Institute, Manali Sanctuary, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Beas Kund, Vashisth Temple & Springs, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, Jagatsukh Temple, Tibetan Buddhist temples, Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa, Nehru Kund, Rahala Waterfalls, Arjuna Gufa, Beas Kund, Fruit Laden Orchards, Meadows of Wild Flowers, Verdant Valleys, etc are prime attractions of Manali tour package.

If you too want to enjoy the beauty of Manali or indulge in adventure & sports, just plan a visit to Manali and see its several attractions and indulge yourselves in adventure & sport activities. Be sure, a visit to this small but beautiful town never fails to allure you. You will always have delightful experience of lifetime.

Indian Safari Tours: Guide and Tips on Adventure Tour

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
Steve Manik asked:

An Indian safari tour is a dream come true for those who love adventure and excitement. It is a great moment of enjoyment for people who want to get into sport and enjoy the actual thrill.

However, you need to take good precautions when it comes to going for Indian safari tours in order to ensure good safety and maintain the fun and excitement throughout the expedition. Here are some precautions you need to understand when it comes to setting out for and experiencing an Indian safari tour.

a) The most important thing to take into consideration are some special precautions during the journey. You need to carry certain important thing in order to make your event exciting. Make sure that you carry a full fledged medical kit. This will prove helpful in case you face certain unhappy events related to your physical health on the way.

b) It is advised not to wear bright colored clothes as this attracts insects. For instance, blue color attracts tsetse flies. Applications of lavender oil will minimize swellings and pain caused by its bite.

c) Trust only bottled water during safari.

d) Never ever eat raw seafood or meat at the visiting site.

e) It would be wise to swim only in chlorinated or rock salt treated pools or the ocean. Avoid lakes, streams, waterfalls and rivers because they usually have diseased plants and parasites. Deadly crocodiles may also cross your way.

f) Follow the instructions provided by your guide.

g) Check your shoes carefully before wearing them as they may give shelter to spider or scorpion. Always turn your shoes upside down.

h) If you must walk, you must wear long pants and high gum-boots in order to avoid coming across grass borne insects. Don’t sit on the grass or sandy soil.

i) It is advisable to stay away from scented soaps, deodorant and perfume because these have the tendency to attract insects.

j) You should not get down from the jeep while on the safari. Maintain pin-drop silence once you are inside the park.

k) Traveling in group is most enjoyable and provides you great safety.

l) The vehicle should be mechanized.

m) Make sure that you bar the windows and doors of the vehicle appropriately for good security.

n) The doors of the vehicle should have security lock.

o) The vehicle should also be equipped with supplementary gear and first aid facility.

Chiang Mai Adventure Sports

Friday, June 1st, 2007
simon ramsden asked:

In addition to possessing a full range of accommodation options and being Thailand’s premier arts centre, Chiang Mai is, arguably along with Ao Nang in Krabi province, one of Thailand’s two most exciting adventure sports destinations. There is at least something for everyone here, whether it be trekking to the top of Thailand highest peak, nearby Doi Inthanon, mountain biking, off-road motor-biking, mountain biking, waterfall and deep cave abseiling, off-road buggying, 4wd, rock-climbing, micro-lighting, white water or bamboo rafting, canopy zip wire riding, paint-balling, elephant trekking, go-karting, a night safari and bungee-jumping. If not in the mood for adventure, maybe take a relaxing river cruise instead.

Check out the ‘X-Centre’ for paintball, bungee jumping and go-karting and for off-road motor-biking and buggying. Those visitors rash enough to ask for a discount will be pleasantly surprised when the centre’s irrepressibly facetious Kiwi owner Ian smiles hugely and immediately agrees, then with a completely straight face states that the amount of discount available depends on the amount of reduction in the safety standards you agree to: if you only want a small discount on the bungee price then the centre will use last year’s retired rope, but a larger discount is available if you don’t mind using the even older rope currently in occasional use as a rescue tow-rope. Ian has never had to explain that he is only joking. When you have been roped up and are ready to ascend the tower, don’t be worried when the jump master says “hope see you again, maybe next life” – he knows your friends will find it funny, even if you don’t.

The off-road buggying is particularly memorable and is a world away from the often dull experience offered by most of the many ATV outfits in the country. Visitors are recommended to skip ATV rides which consist of multiple circuits round a fixed track and to go instead for ATV rides on long routes through the jungle. The X-Centre’s off-road biking and buggying tracks vary from very easy to extremely difficult, particularly in the rainy season, when the tracks become mud-slides. Caucasians after a quicker colour change than is available on the beach are advised to put their feet down 20 metres in advance of the muddy patches in order to ensure their maximum coverage in mud.

If you get particularly muddy after your extreme off-road session then why not wash off the extreme way, by bungee-ing head-first into the centre’s lake?

For one of Thailand’s most authentic adventures, ask Ian for a price on a 4wd, buggy or motorbike off-road trip up to Pai. Those visitors with more money than maturity can alternatively request one of the daftest of all days out, zooming around the mountains in off-road buggies while being attacked by flour-bomb-throwing micro-light pilots and defending themselves with paintball guns. Anybody childish enough to want to do this is requested to please email us, here at ‘Good Read Guidebooks’, so that we can come out and play, too.

Or maybe you fancy a vertiginous zip-ride on steel cables through the jungle canopy. Chiang Mai’s newest day-trip, the ‘Flight of the Gibbon’, is very well-equipped with all the most modern safety equipment: it’s just a pity that the staff don’t yet know how to use it. The day-trip starts with a stiff hike to the top of a seven-level waterfall, after which the visitor takes a rest in a little hut, where there are a free drink and towel on offer next to a large natural pool. Don’t assume that these are bathing towels and jump in for a swim though, as you’ll look a bit daft trying to dry yourself off with a herbal face towel afterwards.

The tour continues with a 2 kilometre ride on a series of eleven steel cables through the canopy. You put a harness on, to the front of which is attached, via a short length of stout cord, a steel pully. This will ride on top of the steel cables. Then a karabiner, again via a length of cord, is attached to your harness. This should be attached to a safety line whenever you are not attached to a zip-line cable via your pully. The safety drill should go like this: when you are about to transfer from a safety cable to a zip-line, the attendant first attaches the pully to the cable and then unclips the karabiner from the safety line.

Unfortunately at one of the tree-top stations the attendant got confused and unclipped me from my safety line before clipping me on to the zip-line. For a few seconds I was completely unprotected, 30 metres above the forest floor. This was bad enough, but there was worse to come. I am small and, when I zipped down the cable, I didn’t build up enough momentum to take me to the platform at the far end of the zip-line. I stopped a few metres short of it and then ran backwards on the pully, until I was stranded under the middle of the zip-line, with no way forwards or backwards. I wasn’t unduly worried, as I was sure the attendant would know what to do. Unfortunately he didn’t. He grabbed a bag with a rope inside, attached himself to the cable and zipped down to where I hung. He then spent the next twenty minutes unsuccessfully attempting to rescue me. This wouldn’t have been so bad, as I knew I wasn’t in danger, but the harness started to really hurt after a while. They aren’t designed to sit in for ages and I started getting worried about deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. As I sat there in pain I comforted myself that at least it couldn’t get any worse. Then it started to rain. Hard tropical rain that soaked me in moments - I felt like I was being bombarding with gravel. I had heard that in a storm zip-wires can become dangerous, as they attract lightning, so that at the first hint of an electrical storm parties must descend at once. Well, I plainly couldn’t go anywhere, as my rescuer and I were now both stranded. He had made two mistakes. Firstly he had not attached an end of the rope to the tree before he left it. Secondly he had not checked the state of the rope: it turned out to be hopelessly knotted. After a while my failed rescuer and I were rescued by a real rescuer. The rest of the tour was great. I have never hung about in the treetops before and I found it to be an extremely beautiful place to spend time. The rain forest’s bigger trees are especially beautiful when viewed from up there.

Whilst in Thailand, why not visit one of the country’s currently best three beach destinations:

Koh Lao Liang:

Ao Nang:


Vermont, a Unique Destination for Dog Sledding Adventures

Thursday, February 1st, 2007
Ken Haggett asked:


Vermont has become a major destination in New England for dogsledding enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont are several dog sledding businesses that offer the opportunity for you to get behind a team of sled dogs and out into the wilderness in a way many never get to experience.

If you grew up reading Jack London’s Call of The Wild or White Fang as I did you may long to experience a life style long since lost to many. You may have a love of dogs and an appreciation for working dogs doing what they were bred to do. Either way a visit to Vermont for a dogsledding experience may be just what you are looking for.

When you are out in the wilderness with a team of sled dogs it’s almost as though you have been transported back in time. There is nothing like sliding along a cold snowy trail with the only sounds being that of the runners sliding over the snow and dogs breathing as they do what they love to do. Watching a team of dogs work together and the strength and speed they are capable of is simply amazing. After years of working with sled dogs it still amazes me every time I watch these incredible athletes at work.

Often the closest you can get to experiencing dogsledding is at a dogsled race where you can watch the teams leave the starting shoot or come back in from their run. Luckily there are people running businesses where you can actually interact with the dogs and even try your hand at driving a sled. The best part is that you can have this experience with out having to acquire and train six to eight dogs of your own! I must warn you that it can be addictive. After a visit to Vermont for a dogsled adventure you may just find yourself longing for your first Husky. Be very careful; talk to any musher and they will tell you that is how is all begins. First it’s one and the next thing you know you somehow have ended up with a dozen.

Dogsledding is not limited to winter; several outfitters offer year round dogsledding experiences. Carts or other wheeled devices allow dog teams to be run during the non snow months of the year. Fall foliage season in Vermont is a beautiful time to get out for a dogsled ride. You can view the beautiful foliage as you are pulled along by a team of dogs. It’s just as fun as winter time sledding but not nearly as cold.

Running one or two dogs with a scooter is also becoming a very popular dog powered activity. It’s a great way to get your own dog out for a little exercise and may well add years to their life. There are opportunities to try this exciting sport out with your dog and see if it is something you both would enjoy.

If you are planning a visit to New England, no matter what the time of year consider adding a dogsled experience to your list of things to do. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.