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Colorado River Rafting- Heaven for Adventurous River Rafting Activities!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
Kumari Patel asked:

Colorado is closely associated with river rafting from the very beginning. In fact, the river rafting sport was invented in Colorado only. Therefore, the term Colorado River rafting emphasizes the importance of river rafting Colorado. Undoubtedly, river rafting is one of the most popular pastimes of the people in Colorado and across the world. One can experience ultimate River Rafting in some of the greatest rivers of Colorado like Arkansas River, the Colorado River, and the Dolores River.

These rivers consist of several beautiful and famous sites including Royal Gorge and Big Horn Sheep Canyon. One of the most wonderful spot for Colorado River rafting is the Dolores River. This river is a 250-miles long tributary of the Colorado River. Running through the states of Colorado and Utah, Dolores River has Ponderosa Gorge that offers great rafting options. Dolores River is also known to be the most scenic parts of the country.

If we talk about the Colorado River then river rafting in about 1500 miles river is indeed a wonderful experience. Colorado River is known to be one of the most beautiful rivers of the world. Some of the wonderful sites present at the Colorado River include Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. One can see indefinite river rafting tours on the Colorado River.

People who have done river rafting on the Colorado River never forget their experience and remember it for the lifetime. There are many companies in Colorado and elsewhere which host Colorado River rafting tours, for the beginners or for professionals. In case you do not have any prior experience in river rafting then Colorado River rafting tour can provide you guidance regarding the rafting techniques and skills. However if you have good experience as a river rafter then you can also enhance your rafting adventure by taking a tour in Colorado. Colorado River rafting tours are generally of half-day or full-day trips, and one can find extended river rafting trips in Colorado. Some adventures last for even five days.

People love to try Colorado River rafting as this place is considered the hub of rafting sports. Every individual has his own reason behind going for river rafting.

Many people have misconceptions about river rafting that it is a difficult sport to get into. However, provided good training and guidance this sport can make you enjoy and thrilled with fun.  There are many companies that provide important and relevant information about Colorado River Rafting including

Adventure Sports in Sacramento

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
Kris Koonar asked:

Despite living in California for years, many people here have never visited Chico. Chico is surrounded on three sides by farmland and situated at the Sierra foothills 90 miles north of Sacramento, off the main thoroughfares. Unless you are going up Highway 32 to Lake Almanor or Lassen National Park, or your destination is Chico, there would be little reason for anyone to go there. Hence, this charming and genial university town, with its rich outdoor opportunities and local attractions, are missed by many.

Chico has the third largest community park in the nation. It also has an active city center, a pulsating and flourishing campus, porch-profuse older localities, and an enthusiastic population of cyclists, runners and outdoor buffs bustling through the city.

Chico Bidwell Park: Bidwell Park, which now spans 3,750 acres, starts as a streamside forest close to the city center, with playgrounds and swimming areas, and runs 12 miles northeast into the center of a wild and deep canyon.

There are two parts to Bidwell Park: one is Upper Bidwell and the other, Lower Bidwell. Upper Bidwell has many rocky paths for mountain biking and tracks with marvelous views and rocky swimming holes. Lower Bidwell has smooth bike paths and wood-chip running tracks under the shade of oak and sycamore trees.

Chico, famous for being a Two-Wheeled Town: Chico is well known as the two-wheeled capital for cycling. With innumerable bike lanes within the town, miles of neighboring farm roads, extensive climbs up the foothills for hikers, and plenty of dirt tracks in Upper Bidwell for mountain biking, Chico has plenty on offer for two-wheeled fans of every kind. Chico was selected as the Most Bicycle Friendly City in the nation by Bicycle magazine in 1997.

According to fat-tire explorer Chuck Bodfish Elliot, who planned the first off-road bike race event in 1976, the Bidwell Bump, which was a bone-jarring one over rutted terrain strewn with lava rock, Chico was the location of the first off-road bike race.

Chico offers adventure sports enthusiasts more fun with Water, Snow and Rock: Apart from the cycling, outdoor enthusiasts can find much more on offer in Chico. The Sacramento River, which flows down the valley only five miles west of the city, is an ideal place for kayakers and canoeists. The Butte Creek, which is close by, offers beginner whitewater kayakers a picturesque six-mile run in seasons like spring and early summer.

Take a Hike: Feather Falls, which is at 640 feet, and is the sixth highest waterfall in the U.S., is one of the main attractions of Butte County. The trail, which is a seven-mile roundtrip, starts from Lumpkin Road, which is above Lake Oroville.

Adventure trails for Rock Climbers: Rock climbers will come across an abundance of remarkable granite in the Feather River canyon. Backpackers can make a trip into the Ishi Wilderness, Lassen Park, or the Trinity Alps. For backcountry skiers, some of the best and deepest snow in the state can be found at Mt. Lassen, which is just an hour and a half from Chico.

The Three Main Categories of Water Sports Explored

Thursday, October 4th, 2007
Brooke Hayles asked:

Water sports have always been among man’s favorite and most challenging sports. Whether it is on the water, in the water or under the water, water sports have always fascinated the adventurer and sports lover. What is it that distinguishes these types of sports from other sports? What are their advantages? In addition, what are the different kinds of water sports? Read on as we tell you more…

Advantages of Water Sports:

Why are they so special? “The sheer fun of being in water,” says 28-year-old Natalie, a water sports lover. According to her, some of the major benefits include:

*They set the stage for excellent fitness exercises that stretch your muscles and build strength in unique ways. *Unlike other sports, you aren’t sweating as you do them, so even though you’re working hard, your body temp stays cool. *Since they are so different from other sports, competing in the water, an element we were not built for is a fantastic challenge. *Especially for those sports, which require holding one’s breath, the athlete must develop larger lungs, capable of holding more air, thus staying beneath the surface for a longer period of time. The natural benefit of larger lungs and the ability to breath in more air is a healthier body. Like water, the more oxygen we can get into our bodies, the more efficiently our bodies work.

There are a large number of sports that involve water. They can be classified into these categories: In the water, under the water, and on the water.

In the Water:

The most popular is, of course, swimming. The human race mastered this skill long ago. Swimming forms an interesting component of several other major sports or activities that include:

*The Triathlon: This is a combination of swimming, cycling, and running. *Modern Pentathlon: It includes epee fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, show-horse jumping, and cross country running. *Rescue Swimming: Swimming with a mission to rescue other swimmers. As a water sport, it helps develop a variety of key attributes. Strength, Leadership, and staying calm in high-pressure situations are necessary abilities, which are also great life skills to possess. *Snorkeling is a very popular water activity. It is the practice of swimming on the surface of the water equipped with a mask and short tube known as a snorkel.

There are several group sports that are played in water. These include:

*Water Basketball: A team, ball, basket, water. It’s very similar to basketball in water. *Water Polo: A physical team sport that requires strength for hard throwing, endurance, and extremely fast reflexes for defense. *Synchronized Swimming: A hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Endurance, Awareness, and Flexibility are the hallmarks of this sport. *Surf Lifesaving is a competitive sport that evolved from the training activities of lifeguards at surf beaches.

Underwater Sports:

These include various forms of diving. Among the most popular underwater sports are:

*Scuba Diving is an adventure unto itself. Each person is required to take professional lessons to learn it after which the person becomes a Certified Diver. With mask, wet suit (body suit) fins for the feet, and a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA)- you’re ready to enter a world you never knew existed beneath the surface. *Free Diving: The aim of the diver is to dive in and swim down to the maximum depth without a breathing apparatus. Necessary tools are great lungs, and the ability to equalize the water pressure, which builds on the ears as one travels deeper.

Underwater group sports include:

*Underwater Rugby that is played with a ball that is naturally buoyant. Here breathing is done through a snorkel and tackling is only allowed if you have the ball or are tackling the one holding it. *Underwater Hockey is played under water with short wooden curved sticks and a heavy puck. In this game, players wear diving masks, snorkels, and fins and must surface to breathe while teammates continue the game on the pool bottom.

Water sports that take place ON the surface are a special breed. They’re usually extremely fast-past, requiring the participant to be fully aware at all times, and can be some of the more dangerous sports.

Surface Sports Include:

*Boating: Races are held every year in different parts of the world. Like car racing, the boats are sometimes made from extremely light, fragile material and the danger level rises with the speeds. *Canoe polo: Playing polo using a canoe *Body boarding: This sport is similar to surfing. However, the board is smaller and the person lies on the board. *Surface Skimming: These types of sports include traditional surfing, water skiing, kneeboarding, and wake boarding. They require great footwork, and excellent balance.

There are excellent water sports associations that offer training, organized expeditions, and adventure sports in thrilling destinations all over the world. The Internet, as always, has the most up-to-date information on how you can get involved. Keep checking regularly, and in the meantime pick your favorite sport and dive in!


There are a large number of sports that involve water. They can be classified into these categories: In the water, under the water, and on the water.